First: Personal Information.

Full name: Dr. Ghani  Dahham Tanai AL-zubaidi.

Date of birth: 1961.Iraq

Certificates: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Baghdad – college of Administration and Economics.1985.

       -MBA – University of Baghdad -1992

-Ph.D. in Business Administration-2004 

Specialization: Human Resource Management

Scientific Title: Professor, as of 7/3/2016

 workplace: Department of Business administration, college of Administration and Economics ,University of Baghdad.

E-mail: [email protected]


scientific activities: Second

Teaching undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Business Administration – College of Administration and Economics, University of Baghdad since 2005.

Supervision and Discussion of the doctoral dissertation , Masters thesis and Higher Diploma in Business Administration.

He has more than ( 17) published research in the field of ​​Human Resource Management and Business Administration in academic journals Inside and outside Iraq.

Co-author of four books in the field of human resources management and organizational behaviour.

Evaluation of dozens of researches in the field of business administration for the purposes of publishing or scientific promotion.

Lecturing in 10 training courses in the field of supervision, inspection and combating corruption.

Prepare training programs and lectures to the trainees in the Advisory Office of the College of Administration and Economics.

     8.Participation with a team work to formulate the strategy of the Iraqi Integrity Commission.        

9. Advising government departments and civil society organisations

    10.Member of the Scientific Committee in the Department of Business Administration.

Member of the Promotion Committee at the college of Administration and Economics.


Third: Experiences and Awards

He holds a State Award for outstanding scientific cadres for the year 2000

Participation in the training course at Caisn Institute for Applied Studies in International Negotiations in Geneva – Switzerland in 2005.

 Participate in the implementation of the training program of anti-corruption strategy (2) of the inspectors in Iraq, under the supervision of public Egyptian Administrative Control Authority. For the period from 19/12/2010 until 30/12/2010.

Obtain dozens of books of thanks and appreciation from the ministers, officials and deans of the faculties to accomplish many scientific activities.